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Here are the answers to important questions Home Buyers should be asking:



Q. Do I really need to get a home inspection before buying?


A. Absolutely YES.  A home inspection is the most revealing and valuable service for the least amount of money spent in the whole purchase process.  No one else looks at what could potentially be the largest investment of your life so critically, for you.


Q. All I really know at this point is that I need an inspection, but what is inspected, is there a minimum of things that are inspected?  Who inspects the inspectors?


 A. The State of Texas is the leader in Real Estate Inspection Regulation.  The agency that governs all Texas Inspectors and establishes the minimum items inspected is The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  All practicing inspectors must be licensed by TREC.


Q. My agent said I only have ten days from the day I signed the contract to get an inspection, is that a problem?


A. It is not a problem at all, simply call 281.627.8552 or go to www.amvetinspections.com to schedule an inspection. In most cases the inspection will be completed within 24 hours, but don’t wait until the last minute.


Q. May I be present during the inspection?


A. Yes, it is advisable but not required. Observing your inspection is always a learning experience, it also gives you great insight into the home you are thinking about buying.


Q. How much does an inspection cost?


A. Think of it this way, how much can not having an inspection cost you? This is not a scare tactic, just the simple truth. Knowing the condition of the structure and components that make up your house is the single most valuable bargaining tool when negotiating a purchase.  Plus, after the inspection you know just what condition the home is actually in.  The cost is so disproportionate to the value that you should be thinking wow what a bargain.  Darrel Creacy inspections start at $425 for houses up to 2500 square feet.  That is about two/tenths of one percent of the median Houston-house price and it could save you thousands of dollars.


Q. I am moving to Houston from out-of-state.  Does that pose any special issues?


A. No, you do not have to be present for the inspection and the reports will get to you in the most expeditious way possible.  Simply provide as much info as you can and you will get your report within 24 hours of the inspection via e-mail or fax.